April 30, 2008

The Princess Waltz – a dance of whirling blades held to find the princess worthy of becoming queen of Seven Central in the fantasy world of Eldelant. Hopeful candidates travel from all the kingdoms of Eldelant to take part in the waltz, but only one princess will reign supreme. You are Fukamori Arata, and you know nothing of princesses or waltzes. In fact, your daily life in modern Japan couldn’t be any more ordinary – you live with your mother and sister, are woken daily by your childhood friend to go to school, and live a generally full but normal life surrounded by a gang of rowdy classmates. When rumors start circulating about a transfer student to your class, you don’t pay much attention – princes from foreign lands don’t study abroad here in this day and age, do they?

Princess Waltz is a mahou shoujo oriented eroge published by Pulltop in 2006. The title is scheduled for official English translation and Western market release by Peach Princess in 2008. This review applies primarily to the original Japanese edition, although for the sake of clarity and in anticipation of the English version, utilizes non-conflicting press release information from Peach Princess when possible.


She-Ra has nothing on these girls.

For the longest time I regarded Peach Princess – a subdivision of the J-List company – as little more than a gimmick and fetish studio. Although their library enjoyed several titles, I only appreciated Brave Soul from the available lineup, holding the sister brand of G-Collections (yet another face of J-List) with far greater regard: not only did they have a much larger selection, but the majority of titles were profoundly story intensive and character driven. Just see Crescendo, Kana, and Figures of Happiness if you doubt me. For this reason, I secretly made the decision to avoid reviewing titles with the Peach Princess label, as I greatly admired what the company was striving to achieve, but would ruthlessly tear apart their offerings with hateful comment after hateful comment. It was a delicate and highly biased position that frustrated me to no end. This train of thought was challenged by the recent release of the emotional magnificence found in Yume Miru Kusuri: A Drug That Makes You Dream, a circumstance that I merely ascribed as a fluke: after all if you let a monkey randomly pound on a keyboard long enough, actual words will be typed from time to time. Yet soon thereafter the announcement for Princess Waltz was made, a title I purchased when it was originally released in Japan, and suddenly came to the realization that the Peach Princess I’ve negatively viewed as a third-rate importer, has now become a source of quality I’ve secretly wished it to be.


Someone's gonna faint~~~

Princess Waltz is the story of Fukamori Arata, a somewhat popular though otherwise normal student who is largely ignorant of romance (to say nothing of women), and his involvement in a tournament that the eroge takes its name from. The instigators and participants of this deadly competition hail from Eldelant, an alternate dimension which intersects within our own, where magic is commonplace reality. The goals to the contest are as simplistic as they are brutal: to defeat all contestants until one stands alone, earning the reward of being crowed as Queen of Seven Central, the position of absolute power in Eldelant. Yet as the Princess Waltz grows with greater intensity, questions arise towards its rationale and legitimacy, ultimately unearthing a series of events that undermine the tranquility of Creation itself. Through the course of the story, Arata’s alluring charisma and unbreakable determination results in the various Princesses to reconsider everything they’ve been led to believe, gradually redefining their morality and perceptions. Yet in doing this he unknowingly forces the hand of an ominous power who will challenge this interference in their dark designs for the Princess Waltz.


Psycho Bitch forget the meds again.

I’ve frequently noticed mentioning of the eroge Fate/stay night when discussing Princess Waltz on various message boards and the official English site. Although there is some truth to the comparison, I must formally express a strong dissatisfaction this viewpoint brings. While it is clear that inspiration was drawn from the Type-Moon masterpiece, and the two share a great deal of thematic qualities due to this (for example the superficial tone of the Holy Grail Wars and Princess Waltz, or character mannerisms found in Chris Northfield and Saber) the story of Princess Waltz is nowhere near as meticulous and far reaching as the one found in Fate/stay night. In simpler terms: it’s not as epic. Yet let me stress that this is not a damaging factor in of itself, and although anyone who is expecting a Type-Moon clone will be disappointed by the lack of deep complexity and overwhelming examination Fate/stay night offers, Princess Waltz is not an attempt to leech off the success of another title. Due to this key factor, the eroge easily stands on its own without the need to reference Fate/stay night: indeed doing so cheapens the greater qualities found in both.


0mg!!! n00bs!!! Banhammer them!!!

Without a doubt in my mind, Princess Waltz will be one of the most – if not the actual most – text intensive eroge to see official release in the Western market. The sheer quantity of spoken dialog and descriptive wording exceeds everything I’ve thus-so-far experienced with the Japanese originals of other Peach Princess and G-Collection titles in my possession. Quite surprisingly, this does not immediately equate into heavy character development or thought provoking introspection, for the eroge is the equivalent of an action themed anime. Literally hours of playtime is spent listening, reading, and watching – thanks to creative special effects – the heroines battle against one another for supremacy. As might be expected, there is much smackdown and awesome one-liners that are traded during these moments, resulting in battle sessions becoming an entertaining aspect of the story. Further emphasizing this action orientated focus, in a rather bold move, Princess Waltz drops the typical “choose your response” menu system that most eroge share, and provides a limited form of player interaction with the cast through a card battle system. Unlike the settings of Magic the Gathering or Yu-Gi-Oh, these card battles are a metaphorical representation of direct combat between opponents, rather than the summoning of proxy creatures. The easier and quicker you defeat your opponent, the more kickass your attitude towards their humiliated kicked ass.


 Hot princess on princess action!

Though a significant portion of its presentation is dedicated to the depiction of fight scenes, do not think for an instant that Princess Waltz is deficient in delivering a non-violent side. While mortal combat between the heroines serves as an important fulcrum, key moments of character development and plot revelations are found in the “peaceful” moments of the eroge’s narrative. What impressions you form of a princess while fighting her, are completely at odds with her true personality when she’s devoid of stress and aggression. Thus it is these quiet periods (relatively speaking) when the most characterization is achieved. Many scenes are of strong comedic nature, playing off the stereotypical aspects of the character involved. Nevertheless, there remains a noticeable change of tempo when the swords stop flying, which might serve as a negative focal point for someone desiring more action and less talk from the protagonists. Yet even the most action packed movie has to actually convey WHY the violence is happening, else the film is nothing more than a collection of random chaos and pointless mayhem. Furthermore these segments of social interaction do more than give direction: they humanize the cast so the player can actually form a bond and see them as more than royal sexy magic girls who beat each other to a bloody pulp (although you have to admit; that’s kinky as hell).


 Victoly! A winner is you!

From a purely visual standpoint, Princess Waltz ranks among the best eroge I’ve seen in recent years. Although the character designs are not memorable in of themselves, the vivid detail and colorful resolution of each paper doll is smoother than silk; an impressive feat that’s completely blown out of the proverbial waters, when compared to the incredible cinematic illustrations. Those with a keen eye for such things, will find the lush attention devoted towards background layout a joyous pleasure. An array of special effects accompany much of the dialog and narration throughout the story, ranging from slashing swords during combat, to the paper dolls mimicking actual movement as they move from one side of the screen to the other. The sheer genius in this dynamic presentation has to be seen for a true appreciation of the magnitude, creativity, and ingenuity put into them. Once you have witnessed what feats can be achieved in an eroge, the vast majority of titles you play thereafter will be static and lifeless. As if this was not enough, the audio department was given an equal amount of attention: clashing weapons, growling monsters, and raging flames merely scratch the surface of a massive sound library used with surpassing finesse. Save the player’s role of Ataru, every character is provided an actor or actress to voice their lines, and there are times when the attention to detail is highly remarkable: during a card battle, just listen to the breathing the combatants as their hit points slowly decrease. While I could never claim every song is inspirational or noteworthy, several of the thirty selections are shockingly divine, with one badass tune in particular following a Latin Choir style with Heavy Metal riffs.


Prince Charming has a mighty sword.

So is Princess Waltz the first class premium eroge English gamers have been waiting all these decades for? That truly depends on your point of view. There’s little question that the title holds significant strengths in the arena of audio and graphics, exceeding the vast majority of titles released in Japan during the same year. While the story and characters of the eroge are built on solid ground, anyone expecting the magnitude of Fate/stay night will be sorely disappointed. As a friend once told me, “You don’t watch Star Trek and expect Star Wars.” At no time does Princess Waltz attempt to challenge the Type-Moon title on its own turf; the two are similar in some regards, but entirely different as a whole. Experience the eroge as it was meant to be experienced, without the need to directly compete with another of its kind, and you will find yourself mesmerized and dazzled within minutes of starting.


— Central Characters —


Fukamori Arata Fukamori Arata

The hot-blooded and impulsive hero of our story. An all around good guy with a positive but rather simplistic worldview, he is quick to rush to the defense of those he sees as wronged. He values friendship highly, but turns a blind eye to romantic entanglements unless they are thrust upon him.
Chris Northfield Chris Northfield

The mysterious exchange student who appears before Arata claiming to be the prince of a kingdom called Seven Central. While his refined conduct befits such a role, he is quite approachable and makes friends easily. What is the secret of his true identity?
Fukamori Shizuka Fukamori Shizuka

The daughter of Fukamori Nanae, and Arata’s foster sister. Raised together since they were small, despite the lack of a blood connection their relationship is that of true siblings. She acts as his mentor in many ways, a strong and serious presence more like a samurai than a traditional Japanese beauty.
Nonomiya Nodoka Nonomiya Nodoka

Arata’s childhood friend, an all around girl-next-door type who goes by the nickname “Nono”. She’s a bit of a trend follower, and is of the age where she’s in love with the idea of romance. She’s generally bright and cheerful, bad at sports but an above average student.
Iris Iris

Dubbed the “Princess of Blades”, little is known about this mysterious participant in the Waltz beyond her name.
Angela Victoire Blendin Angela Victoire Blendin

One of the competitors in the Princess Waltz, hailing from the land of Agnis. Also known as the Dragon Princess, a name which fits her proud and domineering personality. Her natural elegance is balanced against equal measures of self-satisfaction and lascivious speech.
Shikikagura Suzushiro Shikikagura Suzushiro

The crown jewel of the kingdom of Shihou and a competitor in the Princess Waltz, she is also known as the Princess of Earth. She led a very sheltered childhood and has no knowledge of men or the outside world.
Liliana ''Lun-Lun'' Gyunstar Liliana “Lun-Lun” Gyunstar

The Storm Princess of the ocean kingdom of Lenstantsa, and a competitor in the Princess Waltz. She’s a high tension character, a pleasure seeker always in good spirits. “Battle should be flashy and fun” is her motto, but she’s incredibly serious about her participation in the Waltz.
Liesel Hansel Liesel Hansel

The Princess of Steel from Palmeed, country of blacksmiths. She fights to prove that her own personal dress is the strongest. Uninterested in matters beyond smithing, she doesn’t get along well with those beyond the inner circle of her artisan comrades.


— Scored Summary —

Scenario: 35 out of 50. The plot is strong, the comedic skits are funny, and lovable characters can be found everywhere, but let’s be perfectly clear about this: the player has zero control over progression of the plot. The common influence provided, is minor dialog exchanges during the fight scenes, which are determined by how large a margin the player wins through the card battles. This eroge has ONE storyline. This eroge has ONE ending. Towards the end of the game, the player makes a series of decisions which determine which princess might carry Atara’s future children; but that covers the entirety of freewill you are granted.

Visual: 20 out of 20. Your eyes will weep with joy after witnessing such splendor, as everything is above and beyond the standards of your “average” eroge title. The superior quality artwork, multiple paper dolls, and exquisite special effects immediately flood your senses only minutes after starting the title.

Audio: 16 out of 20. The soundtrack is not perfect, as a handful of songs are true lemons, but these failings are appreciatively counterbalanced by the presence of several grandiose themes. All characters except the player’s are voiced; an omission which is a truly a pity, as his inclusion would have been an immense benefit. Creative sound effects punctuate scenes with outstanding results; especially during the action and comedy.

Erotica: 5 out of 10. Since the eroge does not make sex a major focus point, the quantity of erotic event is kept to a minimum of seven scenes: one for each princess, with the except of Chris getting two. To help counterbalance this, everything puts a focus on quality, extending their duration above the ordinary expectations. Hymen sundering all around, as these ladies are chaste royalty, which is completely consensual and one-on-one. Tis a pity that the supporting cast can’t be conquered. Isn’t it sad Nono-chan?

Mechanics: +5 bonus. In a nutshell, the card battle system in Princess Waltz works as follows: at the start of each Turn you and your opponent are provided a random set of five cards with a numeric value printed on them. This distribution is then immediately followed by two successive events: an Initiative Phase and an Attack Phase. The objective is to use a combination of your five available cards in each of these Phases (no less than one; no more than four), to exceed the value of your opponent’s played cards. Did I mention their hand is always hidden? The victor of the Initiative Phase is rewarded the Offense role for the Attack Phase, leaving the loser on Defense. If the Offense plays a higher card value than the Defense during the Attack Phase, then the Defense takes damage (greater the difference, the more damage). If the Defense has the superior card total, then the attack is blocked or dodged with no damage inflicted. Ordinarily only the Offense can inflict damage during the Attack Phase… but there can be special exceptions. Once these two phases are complete, used cards are replenished with new ones, while unused cards are slightly increased with a higher number value – your reward for taking the risk in doing such a thing – and the battle continues until one of the two sides is reduced to zero hit points. Let me reiterate the aforementioned account is far more simplistic sounding than the card battle system functions, omitting factors such as Attribute Scores, Bonus Abilities, Special Attacks, the rock-paper-scissor nature of each card’s color, and so much more. Fortunately for those who find this system too challenging or annoying, the option of enabling an easier difficulty level is presented before each card session.

Final Score: 81 out of 100. Five years ago, I would have been resolute in claiming that an eroge such as Princess Waltz was “too good” for Western translation. It was a time when third-rate titles were the predominant offerings. Yet seeing this is no longer the case, with Peach Princess able to reward followers for years of loyal commitment brings genuine tears to my eyes. In a situation like this, I am ecstatic to be wrong. Recommended for purchase, but be patient for the English version. We’ve been waiting so long for a top tier title like this, and now we’ve finally got it!

44 Responses to “Princess Waltz”

  1. Anath Says:

    Thanks for the review! It’s nice to see a review for an eroge that has the (soon-to-be) option of an English translation on here. I wasn’t really sure if I wanted to get this before, but this looks quite worth purchasing.

    On a side note, are you thinking of reviewing Kazoku Keikaku as well? That seems to be another quality eroge to be released soon in the US.

  2. Baldo Says:

    Excellent review and excellent game, even if I’m now sure that I will NOT buy this one (in 2008, at least).
    The fact is that I would like to have MORE “control over progression of the plot”, even if the plot itself rocks, and, in addition, I’m addicted to the fantastic card battle system of Kikaijikake No Eve – Dea Ex Machina (which is also playable as an independent game), Princess Waltz’s can’t compare.
    However, hey, I’m speaking like a typical, SPOILED Japanese erogamer with too many H-games, the starved gaijin erogamers desperately needed a game like Princess Waltz, which, rest assured, has Baldo’s Seal Of Approval.

  3. Ignosco Says:

    Thanks for the excellent review – Princess Waltz looks even better than I was expecting. But… Iris isn’t sexable :(.

  4. Mazryonh Says:

    Good work here. Hopefully the translation from Peach Princess will arrive soon.

    But I thought you’d give your “full attention” to Cartagra and all of its “twincestuous glory”! How far along are you with the game, anyhow? Its Title Screen them and Credits song are among the best I’ve heard in an eroge myself.

  5. Ein Says:

    Hmm,your review surprised me,not once I’ve ever thought that Princess Waltz is such a superior title.The game that I’ve been waiting for is Kazoku keikaku,and I just hope the queue will reach it soon.Now I guess I have another title to wait for,altough I must complain about 2 things:
    1.The chara design sucks,the prime reason I’ve never consider it to be a masterpiece.What’s up with the gap between the sprites and the cg anyway,the difference is as clear as day and night
    2.One storyline.Ever17 was superb,but with only one end possible,it only makes me crave for more

    Wait,Iris isn’t sexable?Then makes that three,Iris and angela has the best looks,they should kick that megane

  6. Nargrakhan Says:

    @Anath: I thought I had Kazoku Keikaku in my closet, but after rummaging all night, I couldn’t find it. Might have traded it to someone without thinking… I’ll keep searching though.
    @Baldo: Spare the rod, spoil the child? ^_-
    @Ignosco: There’s a reason why Iris isn’t sexable, but its kinda a spoiler. They didn’t forget to add her… it’s just complicated…
    @Mazryonh: I’m playing those Cartagra titles, but I’m not quite ready to write reviews for them just yet. Takes me a few weeks to gather the info I need to take a “non-objective” look. I have to kinda simmer down because my first reaction to twins is: “0MG!!! Twincest is Wincest!!! w00t!111!111! 9000 get! 9000 gets!
    @Ein: Yea. I always find the single route thing a negative too. The quality jump (or rather detail jump) between the in-game images and the cinematic illustrations, is noticeable but not unusual. Many eroge put more attention on the CG’s than they do paper dolls. In this particular case however, this issue can be forgiven due to the “dynamic use” of actual movement and huge variety of facial expressions/body changes.

  7. Mazryonh Says:


    I don’t think Cartagra is a series, actually. It only has itself and a fandisc, Nagomibako, which features the “good ending” for the villain in the original game, another “good ending” for a character who always dies in the original game, and a fanservicey sidestory featuring several other Innocent Grey characters.

    Pianissimo, Innocent Grey’s second game, isn’t related to Cartagra to my knowledge and doesn’t feature twins. You might want to keep an eye on the heavily-promoted third game from Innocent Grey, Kara No Shoujo, though.

    I’m no great fan of twincest myself, but if you did a “twincest special” featuring Cartagra, To Heart 2 XRATED and Kao No Nai Tsuki, I’d be most grateful because it’s exceedingly unlikely any of those titles will be translated by Peach Princess or the like (Hatsune, Koyuki and Seri are all characters that I doubt they could claim to be old enough for age of consent). And when you complete Cartagra’s review, will you use your enthusiasm for the twincest to do a blow-by-blow account of Kazuna’s and Yura’s path? I’ve been dying for good English info about the game since forever!

  8. Hemisphere Says:

    Interesting review on Princess Waltz. Now I’m intrigued about it!

  9. anime_Otaku Says:

    nice review. i was about to import when i heard about the translation im waiting and by the looks of it it is worth the wait, indeed.

  10. CraniumC0re Says:

    I have played this game and JUST there finished it, and the whole there is one ending thing can’t be true. Since i somehow got the Bad ending (Which may i add i don’t understand as i beat every card battle on normal throughout the game and for those how arent completely aware that is the main form of choices in this game) so you may want to update it

  11. Nargrakhan Says:

    @CraniumC0re: There’s only one ending – what you got was the false end. The story isn’t done yet. Restart the game and you’ll notice a new option in the title menu. Seems like a lot of people are falling for that.

  12. Silver Says:

    Wow, just finished it. It’s pretty good I would say. However, there were times that I want to just skip through because it takes too long but other than that, I find it fun. One thing though is that I just wish Shizuka did not wear glasses. She’s awesome in a way and everything but I have trouble against girls with glasses although I myself wear glasses. It’s more of a childhood trauma so it bothers me a lot.

  13. Tiexandrea Says:

    i agree with almost everything in this review except one… the mechanics.

    personally, i thought that the card battle game would’ve been so much fun if only the CPU AI didn’t completely suck at it. the Ai just picks cards seemingly at random with complete disregard for which attribute your current character is strong with. it also has certain predictable patterns on its usage of common special abilities.

    mainly, i’ve found that the Princess Waltz card game has been more fun when played with real human opponents. my friends and I have modified a standard deck of cards and used it to play the Princess Waltz card game with surprisingly fun results.

    this was what we did…

    - standard playing card suite, use only cards A to 8, set aside all other cards.

    [before game:]
    - divide cards by color. one player gets the red suite of A to 8, while the other gets the black suite of A to 8. afterwards, remove one of the 8 cards. all in all, each player must have fifteen cards each — 2 of each card from A to 7, and one 8 card.

    (Grouping Phase) – each player divides their fifteen cards into three groups of five cards. then they set these groups aside face down on the table.
    (Picking Phase) – each player picks one group of cards for the following round.
    (Initiative Phase)
    (Attack/Defense Phase)
    (Picking Phase) – pick from the remaining unused groups for the next round.
    (Initiative Phase)
    (Attack/Defense Phase)
    (Picking Phase) – pick from the remaining unused groups for the next round.
    (Initiative Phase)
    (Attack/Defense Phase)
    (Grouping Phase)
    – rinse and repeat until one player “dies”…

  14. Kelvin Says:

    My game hangs when i reach the part where Arata saves Chris from the fall. Sigh. Any help?

  15. Jin Says:

    i have a problem whn i play the game in one moment when Shikikagura Suzushiro and Liliana “Lun-Lun” Gyunstar meet firsth time my game crush can someone help ??

  16. jyuichi Says:

    I just finished 2nd chapter…. this game is amazing… I have a higher than average tolerance for single path games though. Very impressive offering from Peach Princess.

  17. Tyrionlannister Says:

    I’ve just finished the game with Angela’s route, though you can’t really call it a route since it ends soon after the route choice.
    I must say that I’ve really enjoyed it.
    True, it takes elements of Fate/Stay Night and I also thought from Revolutionary Girl Utena (the striving to be a prince/princess) but it melds them very well and manages to be very exciting and to keep you playing just to see what happens next, which I think is rare for (translated) eroge.
    Unfortunately, Peach Princess seems to have gone lazy at the end and they didn’t translate any of the two sets of credits (one after the the fake bad end).
    Does anyone have a list of the seiyu? I would be very grateful if someone could post it because I really enjoyed the voice work and I was curious about the identity of the cast.

  18. Anoymous Says:


    According to Wikipedia, Rina Misaki does the voice for Shizuka Fukamori. I’m no good with kanji though so I can’t say if this true or not. I woudl also liek to know the names of all the seiyu in Princess Waltz. I was especially impressed by the seiyu of Chris Northfield.

  19. oneone Says:

    hello guy i just see this website so i would like to ask u when i finish this game is the second part
    i see that the game isn’t finish at all. i mean arata go back go his country but when u read the last
    part of it i seem that christ mother is venish and also there are a lot of clue left. Can anyone help

  20. Anatasia Says:

    It has only one ending ? and first one is a fake bad ending ?
    God i though i have done something wrong during first chapter and the rest 2nd chapter is just for unlock the sense.

  21. pillow Says:

    i loved it. this is the first visual novel ever thats managed to grip me with its storyline. to #19, oneone, complete shizuka’s ending and it’ll explain what happens with chris’ mother. there’s so much potential for a sequel, but ***spoilers, stop here if you haven’t completed the game*** one of the last lines in the game “let’s walk to places we haven’t seen before, to a future nobody knows, beyong the next sunrise.” – the “to a future nobody knows” part isn’t too encouraging… top that off with the fact that the thing in the game’s title has already ended. i really do hope they weren’t intending for us to imagine the rest of their stories up ourselves.

    hoping they make a sequel, but i feel slightly dishearted as the game’s original japanese release was in april 06 and there’s not been a single hint at a sequel from anyone.

  22. RilleL Says:

    Am I the only one disappointed that the “main heroine” is basically two guys in drag?
    MAN that was a buzz kill…

  23. s3d Says:

    u ll be much surprised when/if u go forward in the game :)

    i realy like the story, even it was a bit too “family” -related

  24. AhokZYashA Says:

    And how i can get all the scenes in the extras?
    I just can’t find it. Is there any sort of choices combination?
    Or else.
    Plz tell me..

  25. Razgriz Says:

    Great Review!!
    I had played it.
    Looks like PULLTOP put in great efforts in this game.
    All the Elements in the Game looks Incredible!, Even though the story complexity isn’t too high but this game excel in terms of Plot&Storyline and I really loved it.
    Charactor Graphics are deep and details, Visual FX&Action Scene are far more greater when the OST kicks in the Waltz just shines! the way of the presentation which Sound of steel crack in into each other, moves and Card Battle can be very excited. (to be Honest It’s almost like watching an Anime but I’m actually playing a game.)

    BUT…for those who looking for H Game with really good H scene.
    I gotta say this is not the game you lookin’ for.
    Consider the Amount of H Scene in this game is low.
    The moods are ok, the quality’s brilliant but like I said “Too few”

    So if you ask me whether it’s good or not?
    I loved it! so you guess…^^

  26. Anatasia Says:

    I really wish they have the continue of this game ; the story is just too good to leave it end like that specially with the extra line : A place where the princesses chase after the prince.
    This game can be said to have one of the best story line in Hgame like Figure of Happiness and Cresendo

  27. gRaViJa Says:

    I agree with anatasia. It is an hgame with a very good story. I would like to see sequel to it. it’s been about 6-8 months now since it his the western market. i secretly hope they are working on a sequel in japan now. it was officialy released in the end of 2006 there. So if there would be ever a sequel, it shoudl be announced rather soon.

  28. laroin Says:

    this should become a anime

  29. Ienai Says:

    I don’t expect an answer… but I have just recently dipped into this type of game and I was wondering.. Are there any Hentai Games or Eroge games that have deep story lines like Final Fantasy? I am really looking for a game with good customization and an ability to allow me to choose the direct I want the game to go in.

  30. Kevin Says:

    Hmm, for Hgames, i think Princess waltz has one of the deepest storyline (as far as i know). two other Hgames with good storylines are Crescendo and family Project, but they aren’t really set in a fantasy world if i’m right. Pretty good stories nonetheless. Ever17 is a visual novel without hentai scenes but the story is VERY good. hope this helped a bit.

  31. Syaoran Says:

    I got error when Lilian and Suzuhiro was quarreling at top of the school. Can someone say me How to delete this problem?

  32. agamina Says:

    to 31.

    Change your PC non-unicode languade to english! Asi dont know what OS you are using then just google hot to change non-unicode language.

  33. Syaoran Says:

    I got idea how I can pass that moment. Can someone send me game save after that moment? My e-mail: aegisx303@o2.pl
    PLS HELP ME!!!

  34. Whatever Says:

    Change the your system localisation to English(United states), regional options > english united states

  35. 十三号君 Says:

    Hehhh… Nice game indeed, ne~?

    However… There’s this… Something… ‘Ya know…?

    BTW: Narg-kun… How’s yo–
    … Hmmm… I think…
    Whatever happened to your ” Twincestomology ” research…?
    How is it progressing…?
    Hmmmm… For some reason… That does not sound right…

    What do you think…?

  36. DraCo88 Says:

    just finished playing the game. Hope they make a sequel for it though, the ending is a cliffhanger.

  37. Shizenhakai Says:

    I have the same problem as Syaoran (post 31) and i changed it to English,
    but it still crashed… please help..

  38. Nibuken Says:

    Very nice review. I definitely agree with the 20/20 on the visual; even though this is my first eroge, I can tell that the animation quality of those CGs and scenes are meticulously crafted and you can’t really find many like that else where.

    It also pains me to hear from many forum discussions that Princess Waltz is a rip-off of Fate/stay Night. Princess Waltz has its own pluses and it should be evaluated on its own standard, but not on the standard of another game.

    Also, I get the feeling that Suzushiro bears a REALLY STRONG resemblance to Aoi in the Aoi Yori Aoshi.

  39. Kay Says:


    I really am looking for an eroge with good gameplay.

    After i read several reviews on this eroge, i expected more.
    this game basically is another enter-spam-eroge, with no actual interactivity at all. >.<
    I guess it will be years until another game comparable to sengoku rance sees the light of day.. :(

    good visuals, tho.

  40. kronoskim Says:

    I just finished 2nd chapter today,it was very good overall,good graphics,very storyline kept me enchanted like a book,interaction was less but other things nullified that problem,there should have been more pictures describing the text.
    I would have still liked if it even if it would not have been a hentai kind of thing because of the story.
    Also would anyone suggest me some more titles like this one,I have tried brave soul,discipline and raidy but I did not like them very much and had to leave them uncompleted.
    Waiting for your recommendations.

  41. Nidorb Says:

    Wow! This is without a doubt the best visual novel I have ever seen. When I got this I was expecting a simple eroge with some good hentai material, but I stumbled upon an epic journey that had me completely mesmerized. There is very little ecchi in this but that did not bother me at all even though that was what I wanted in the first place. The few ecchi scenes in this eroge is eye candy so it makes up for the low number of them in my opinion. I for one would love to see this made into an anime.


    But I have to say that I was a little freaked out when it turns out that Chris and Arata is a “little” more connected then we were lead to believe, but I got over it nevertheless and it did not affect my love for this game.

  42. Zedrich Says:

    Really good game indeed, though if they are to make a sequel, they should make an arena-type and/or multiplayer side extra version of the card battle system. I’m currently working on reproducing the card images on a much bigger resolution than available, though it will take some time (approximately over 9000 hours in MSPaint)

  43. erogelist Says:

    I know princess waltz has a good gameplay but crappy cg of eroge scenes. if that’s so, i’d still play princess waltz for its story and gameplay.

  44. lightningleone Says:

    good review. At first I thought it was going to be a boring story with sort of bland characters, but to be honest it threw my low expectations and threw it back in my face. The plot is good and had a lot of did not see it coming moments within the plot. As for H scenes: thank god they toned it down just a little bit with this one. i really do not like an visual novel with alot of H scenes in it because it really drowns out the purpose of what the story is. Sure it may have been linear and no choice scenes [except for at the end]the card battle system definitely made up for it. And the characters were all good and the female chris really stood it out for me. Probably the most complex character [aside from kaede from shuffle] I’ve seen so far.